Rex and Cathie have been in the MTC for almost 2 weeks now. They will leave for Jamaica on Saturday around 8:00 in the morning, and get there around 8:00 at night. They are so excited!
The MTC has been a great experience for them. They have learned much, and have grown spiritually so much already.
The Senior missionaries have a much more relaxed schedule than the young men and women that go. We (the kids) were able to go get them, and spend the day with them last Saturday, the 13th for one last time before they leave on their big adventure.
They have spent a day or two in Salt Lake City doing training, then all the other days learning Preach My Gospel, and about the humanitarian stuff they will be doing. They said that the food in the MTC is incredible, and the young men and women are so polite. They said that haven't had to open their own doors, or take their own food trays back, then young men and women, are right there to do it for them.
This is at the MTC when we went to pick them up.
 I (Megan) will be posting updates as we get them. So stay tuned!