November 19, 2012

Well another week has come and gone. Tomorrow we will have been in Jamaica for 1 whole month! it seems hard to believe that time is moving along at its fast pace..
This week we had a family home evening with the other senior couples with the Mission President and his sweet wife. He had been to a Mission Presidents Seminar mid October and he reported on what they discussed there. He said that every speaker spoke of different things but the underling thought that was expressed was that “The Lord is Hastening his Work”(D&C 88:73). The time is growing short for our world. We are at a turning point now and we must rise up to the challenge the Lord gives us or be left behind (read all of D&C section 88 to get the full picture). It was not a frightening thing to hear but exciting! Every time we get to spend time with this great President, he inspires us to try harder, do better, be more than we are. He does it with scriptures and love. What a spiritual giant.
Big Gun
We also met with our Wheelchair Monitor in Spanish Town. Her name is Remounah Meddows-Anderson but her Pet Name is Tracy. Here if you don’t care for your name or someone thinks you look like a different name you can pick a “pet name”. Remounah’s pet name is Tracy. We took her with us and went to visit “Food for the Poor”. They are an organization we work with here to help distribute the wheelchairs we get shipped in for the disabled. She is a delightful young lady with an infectious smile and a wonderful laugh. She has worked with Food for the Poor (FFP) for several years now and helped us get acquainted with the people in charge there. It really helps make the transition between missionaries if you have someone who knows the people already introduce you to the “new set of missionaries”. We ended up going back to Spanish Town to get some hygiene and school kits to help out some of the health centers and shelters for the single mothers. We are also working on a project to get some tables and chairs at a Basic School here. The school is for children ages 2-5. It is mostly unemployed single moms who take their children there. The children were so adorable. One little one looked at me and said “your white!” I looked at her and said “your’re brown and it is a beautiful color!” She just smiled so big and started to giggle.
Fort Bow
The attached pictures are from our trip to Port Royal, the Fort there has two points the were made to look like a bow of a ship. When the enemy came in to the harbor they saw what looked like the bow of an other ship so they did not expect a Fort with a 120 cannons. Port Royal was a pirate city and they bragged that it was the wickedest city in the world. Then along came an earthquake that sank the city to the bottom of the sea. Now they are the wettest city in the world. The tilted house happened as part of the earthquake. Some of the cannon emplacements dropped 20’.
The Elders at Port Royal
Fort Layout
Us at Port Royal

Tilted House
Fisherman boat