January 13, 2013

Happy New Year
We have spent most of the week in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic receiving Welfare and Humanitarian Training. One of the things we learned, which you probably already know, is the Church now has a Four Fold Purpose instead of Three. The fourth is Care for the Poor and Needy. It is a daunting task for two small town Utahans to have the responsibility of Caring for the Poor and Needy for the whole country of Jamaica. Of course we have lots of help from the Priesthood, Members and other Missionaries. We will be talking with Branch and District Presidents for their guidance and help. Nothing will be done without Priesthood direction. Brother Cornish 1st Counselor in the Area Presidency spoke to us and told us we are in the eleventh hour of the eleventh hour of the latter days. On a brighter note we got to go the Santa Domingo Temple while we were there which was really fun. They did a special session in English just for us, they speak Spanish. When they told us the session would be in English we were happy but when we found out we were the minority we felt bad to make the Dominicans all have to wear headsets.
When we got back we spoke in Sacrament meeting at a small branch in Yallahs (see picture). The members there were very good to us. On small girl (about 3) keep running up to us and giving us hugs. She sat on my lap and would pull out my name tag and Pencil and then put them back in my pocket just like our grandkids.
We did take part of the day and go on a picnic up on Blue Mountain with the other Senior Missionaries. It was fun and we took some pictures of the mountains.
This email is short because we are buried in work so far above our heads we have to jump just to see out. So back to work.
Love Elder and Sister Murdock
Megan Here (again) Apprently computers hate me, it won't let me load the pictures again. I'll have to put them on the the next post! :)