February 3, 2013

Well this week has been slow work wise, but busy preparation wise. We have been actively getting ready for Bro and Sis Cullimore's visit. They are our supervisors from Salt Lake City Church Headquarters. They travel the world for The Church overseeing and helping with the Humanitarian Projects. They have been serving for 7 years now in this position and have been to 28 different countries. They are both 77 years old and the fastest moving people we have every met! They are simply wonderful and so much help to us. We went to the Yallahs Branch (a very small branch on the east end of the island), for church today, with about 30 people attending regularly. We had a very productive day with them today. We had them over for a traditional Jamaican dinner of Jerk Chicken with Rice and peas. They seemed to enjoy the afternoon with us. I have to admit my Jerk Chicken dinner went over well. Although I only used 3 of the Scotch Bonnet Peppers instead of the 6 it called for. But then we are only poor little white folk here, with tender tummies!!! Ha ha ha!
We did make several trips to Spanish Town and Old Harbour for supplies but they were a general bust...We were not able to get what we needed until the end of the week and then we still had most of our Tarps on back order. We were able to get the new locks for the Spanish Town Basement...same old scenario, too many keys floating out and about so we are getting new locks and starting over again.
We have been getting ready for the Health Fair Project here. I should say that we have been following the Priesthood around getting ready for the Health Fair. They have arranged for the Cancer Society of Jamaica to be there with their mobile van doing Mammograms and Pap Smears, Drs. are going to be there to administer free AIDS tests, and we will be doing Blood Pressure tests, Diabetes tests, Cholesterol testing, and handing out vitamins for children and adults to the first 1000 people to come. Pres. Medley, Sisters Langley and Mc Phearson have been working overtime to get things done. We have a media specialist, Sister Sinclair-Lym who has been doing some newspaper spots. We also have radio and News shows doing some reporting as well. The Health Fair committee has really done an excellent job. There will be lectures given on health issues and pharmaceutical companies handing out freebies as well. It is scheduled to be happening on Feb 9th. We will have the Cullimore's with us all this week and then we take them to Montego Bay the 8th to fly on to Tennessee to their next assignment. Then we will have to get home in a hurry to make it on time but it will be worth it.
My cousins Mark and Tamara Luthi will be in Montego Bay this week, but with the Cullimore's visit we will miss them as they are here at the same time. Oh well...maybe I can convince them to try again next year!! We met an Elder Burrell from Gunnison who is currently serving in the Yallahs Area. If anyone knows of his family, (Jan or Marie) please let them know he is doing well and loving his time here as a missionary. He is really doing a great job.
Sorry no pictures  :(