July 21, 2013

Lots of great things happened this week.  Our New Mission President hits the ground running and not even Usain Bolt could keep up. Sunday was the Spanish Town District Conference meeting.  In the meetings we were told over the last 10 years the church has been stagnant with a growth of only 300 people bring the total of 5500 members in Jamaica.  The Members in Jamaica have been struggling with most members being first generation members.   President Brown spoke twice and I don’t know of any talks I have ever heard that had more power; or where I felt the spirit more than I did during President Brown’s talks.  Jamaica received 15 new young Missionaries this week.  More than has ever been sent to Jamaica at one time.  President Brown stated it is Jamaica’s time and prophesied that before these Missionaries went home, Jamaica would grow and have its first Stake.  This is huge.  For many years Jamaica has been talking about getting Stakes and maybe even a Temple, but up until now nothing has ever happened.  Now is Jamaica’s time; the gospel will spread and we are grateful to be here and be a part of it.  The Lord is truly hastening his work.  

Transfer day and the Lord’s Army

 On Tuesday we drove to Port Antonio and picked up two Missionaries, Elder Gill and Elder Creager who are being transferred to a new area.  We were taking them to Kingston to be trained to be trainers for new Missionaries.  They live in an apartment with Elder Gordon and Hill. Of course we had to take them to KFC for lunch before we left. Packing four missionaries into the back of the truck was interesting!  They said they had actually had 6 in the back seat before… Not sure how they managed that!

 Wednesday; transfer day we picked up two more Elders to take them back to Port Antonio.  Their meetings went long and we did not get to leave until just before dark.  That put us back home around 11:30 that night and had to eat before going to bed .  Still trying to catch up on the lost sleep.

 Oops we were not quit done we had to go get the other Elders belongings.

 After the conference was over we hung around visiting for a while.  Sister Brown (our mission mom) came out to visit with mom and her son took this picture.  Sister Brown is such a Sweet lady.  She is always hugging the sister missionaries.  She has her hands full raising four children and about 120 missionaries are now looking to her for motherly guidance.

 While at the District Conference we met Brother Sutherland.  If you remember we were able to deliver to him, his new wheelchair.  At the time he had not been out of his house for almost a year.  He wanted to come to church now that he had his chair.  Brother Sutherland use to be a Branch President in Kingston.   Many, many his old Kingston Branch members were really excited to see him and lined up to talk to him.  I could just see the smile coming back to his face.  Just before leaving he asked for a Priesthood blessing.  It is hard to write what the heart feels but mine felt pretty good.  We rounded up some of the Spanish Town Branch Presidency and gave Brother Sutherland a blessing.  We pray he will get better and that the spirit will give him the comfort he needs.

We love you all.  In the past we have asked for any Senior who can to go on a mission to start filling out your papers.  Now President Brown has asked us to contact all Mission eligible Seniors we know, and invite them to come on a Mission to Jamaica.  All but three Senior Missionary couples will soon be going home with no replacements in site.  So now we are begging for more Seniors.   We simply cannot do all the work ourselves.  Many new young Sisters and Elders have answered the Lord’s call but Seniors are also desperately needed.  If you cannot come maybe you know a couple or a Senior Sister who can.   Please talk to them.  Jamaica needs Perpetual Education, Church Education System, Office, and Member Leadership Senior Missionaries (Couples or Sisters).  The only catch is that for Jamaica you will need to be in relatively good health.  If you or someone you know is interested please call or email us.  We can tell you what is needed and what life is like here in Jamaica.  Then we can refer you to President Brown who will also talk to you and give you as much information as you need.
Our mission has blessed our lives and the lives of our families so much.  You can’t even imagine the growth, love, and tender mercies the Lord has to offer you until you decide to follow Him to the mission fields.  I remember when President Hinckley talked about how sometimes he thought a rocking chair on the front porch sounded good.  But then he thought of all the work and the love he felt for us as members, and thought the rocking chair was NOT where he wanted to be.  Life in the service of the Lord is so much more rewarding than an old rocking chair.  If you have thought that sometime you might serve a mission…now is the time.  The work is Hastening…get on the band wagon, don’t be left behind.  Don’t deny yourselves or your family the blessings of serving the Lord.  If your family is able to help support you on your mission, then they are blessed even more.  The field is white, ready to harvest…
We love you and pray for a safe holiday for you.  Monroe is always at its finest during the 24th of July celebrations.  Have fun!!