July 28, 2013

We worked a lot on the computers again mostly on the Building Self-Reliance and Eliminating Poverty project.  We will give a Presentation to the Spanish Town District Branch presidents Saturday.  So we have been making a Power Point presentation and writing the narrative.
We Went to Young Single Adult’s Fund raising Play in Spanish Town.  Saturday afternoon.  It was entitled ‘Stand ye in Holy Places’.   It was to help the YM & YW earn money for their camp experience next month. They or their parents made treats to sell so they earned extra money that way too. They really had the place rockin!!  It was done with the great enthusiasm the youth here always have here.  They love getting together and preforming.  They are not shy about doing it either.  We even had some break dancing and Rappin LDS style.  The kids did a great job.  They videoed it and will sell copies.  Very enterprising youth…
Singram Medical Clinic- Craig Graham and his wife Kezea Sinclair-Graham have just opened up a new medical practice.  They are members of the church and are just getting re-activated.  They are a great couple and will be helping to get the Prospective Jamaican Missionaries ready for their missions.  They will do the Medical Exams, blood work and immunizations all at a much reduced rate.  They have such a spirit of service about them.  We will be working on a project to assist them with a few of their office needs in exchange for their help.  They will also assist all the missionaries here when they can.  They have just moved into the Kingston Branch from Spanish Town.  The offices are simple but the knowledge and skills they represent is marvelous.
 Exam Room

We have been assigned to contact all the Prospective Missionaries in three Branches; Kingston, Constant Spring, and Boulevard. We hope to persuade as many of the youth as can to go on a Mission.  Some Branches have over 60 members ages 17 to 23 who are possible candidates to go on a mission.   Our job is to find out who from that list is eligible and has a desire to serve the Lord. President Brown wants to have 30 Jamaican Missionaries to go on their missions this year.  This has become his main focus to get more Jamaican Missionaries and to strengthen the church here in Jamaica.  He knows when the Missionaries return they will become church Leaders and make Church in Jamaica stronger.
We invited the Kingston Missionaries over for dinner to discuss how to get prospective Missionaries on a Mission. You can see Elder Weaver, (looking directly at you).  He is from Texas. Clock wise around the table from him is Elder Faumui, from Trinidad, next is Elder Peters from Utah (WVC), and on the right is Elder Grey from England.  Elders Weaver and Gray are working in the office during the day and our proselytizing in the evening in the Kingston branch and Elders Faumui and Peters work in the Kingston Branch full the time.
 We have been told you can’t fill up a Missionary.  I am beginning to think they are right.  They ate and ate until nothing was left.  Of course Sister Murdock’s cooking is had to refuse.  She made sure they got their green vegetables in the casserole she made and in the salad too. They didn’t even know they were eating Callaloo.  That is a Jamaican type of Spinach.  Next time I’ll make big batch of pancakes just to see if it’s possible to fill them up, it works on the Grandkids.
I guess the most exciting news we have had is that the Mortensens who were scheduled to leave for home August. 27 have extended their mission!!! For another year!!!!  That is such a blessing for us here.  They have been wonderful missionaries serving in the Lindstead and Ocho Rios branches.  They are real troopers and we are sure that the Lord will bless them.  They have a hard job in working with two branches but they are up for the task and do a great job.  We have found (along with the other Senior Missionaries), that the Lord lifts you up to perform the tasks he needs to have done.  Our burdens are made lighter and we are  firmer in the faith.  As you can tell we really love our mission and knowing others from our ward are doing the same service all around the world brings us such joy.  My Brother Fred and his wife Donalda are talking in their ward today about their experience preparing and go on a mission and serving.  Each mission is a little different.  It seems like there are no hard and fast rules for what a senior missionary does.  You just find the need and fill it.  Few have specific callings.  It depends on what the mission president needs done and your ability to do it.  The Lord places you in the right place for your talents and abilities.  He’s good at that…
Love to you all
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock