July 9, 2013

Dear Family and Friends
Well there is always the computer work so we won’t spend too much time talking about that. Except to say that our Self Reliance Program Outline has been given to our new Mission Pres. Kevin Brown, and now we are working on the Power Point Presentation.  Dad has spent a great deal of time working and getting it ready to give to the Mission President.  The final decisions about it and any changes will be subject to his approval before it is given to our Area Welfare Authority in the D. R. It has been interesting to see and feel how this program comes along.  The Spirit can be so strong in its influence and yet so gentle to our thoughts.  We were only able to spend a few minutes with Pres. Brown a few days ago.  That was when we gave him our outline for the Self Reliant Program. He has hit the ground running at full speed…but then he must. He has transfers coming next week and 30 new missionaries coming this month with only 1 going home.  He mentioned to us how thankful he was for all Pres. Hendricks did before him.  He truly loves and respects him. 
We spent the 4th of July with the Senior Missionaries having dinner up Stony Hill Road at a place called Boon’s Hill Oasis.  You would never expect to see a restaurant where this one was but it had good food and a beautiful environment too.  Sister Pugmire thought to bring a dessert (after checking with the Restaurant first of course), It was a red white and blue cake. It is always good to visit with the other Seniors and find out how they all are doing.

We spent the weekend in the Savanna la Mar Branch.  It was Fast Sunday and I thought I would bear my testimony…no such luck!  Those members were so fast to get up that I didn’t get the chance!!  It was wonderful to feel of their spirit and hear their testimonies.  There was not one travelogue, no ‘Thanktamony’, just Testimony, simple and sweet.  We also took some pictures to include in our Power Point.  We thought it would be nice to use pictures of Jamaicans living and working at life and practicing the gospel, than to use generic pictures of just anybody.
While there we were to meet with a school project at the Kiddies Kindergarten and Preparatory School to see if we could be of service to them.  They have many needs repairing their building, replacing lights, fans and help in the library adding computers for their students.   Pres. Blake (of the Sav. Branch) will visit with them again and help us in gathering the information we need to develop this project.  Such bright beautiful little faces at the school.
 We also met the “Murdock family” in church at the Savanna la Mar Branch.  They consists of a mom with 7 children she immediately adopted us into her family.  She challenged children in her testimony to all go on missions. With the look she gave them, she let them know that she full well expected total obedience.  It was wonderful to look at the children all beaming up at their mother when she said this.  The mom is the one on the back row on the far right.  These women do not look their ages here.  They can be at least 10 years older than they look!
 We also got to swim in the Caribbean Sea a little bit.  We had a rain storm that dumped an inch of rain in ½ an hour. The sea water around the river was brown because of decaying vegetation that was washed down the river by the heavy rains. The sea was so warm.  We have noticed that it is warmer here on the south side of the island than on the north. While swimming we saw two Rays in the water. One about a foot and the other about two feet long without the tail measurement (we did not get pictures because they would not hold still long enough).  Not sure what kind they were though. These were brownish in color and were sort of oval in shape with long stingers (tails).  

Temperatures and humidity are climbing as summer is in full swing.  We are not as hot as some places but the humidity makes it harder to take.  We are adjusting well to the 70 to 100% humidity.  70% seems to be normal humidity.  When it get higher you can see the air turn blue.
For those who know our people here:
Sister Wrights arm is getting better.  She has to keep it braced (strapped) to her side so it is immobile for another 2-4 weeks.
Elders Campbell and McCloud are doing well and adjusting to life after their missions. Both are serving in their home branches.
Bro. Bennett is helping Sister Davis (Constant Springs Branch) do some repairs to her Chicken coop.
If you want any specific information on people just write and let us know and we will find out what we can.
Pres. Brown said if any couples wanted to come here be sure to let us know and he will ask the Mission Department if they will send you to us.  We need Couple missionaries very badly.  We are doubling our compliment of young missionaries but we are losing our Senior Missionaries!! Please consider us and prayerfully pray about your service to the Lord…can you do more?
The Lord is so evident in all we do.  This is His Church and He is hastening his time.  This change in missionary age will be seen by history similar to the time when Joseph beheld the First Vision.  Come be a part of history by following the path the Lord wants you to grow in.
Love to all
Mom and Dad