August 3, 2014

This week it was transfer week.  It is always a busy time.  In the picture below we had to move some trainer elders from Spanish Town into Kingston for the night. We also had Pres. Pearson (2nd Counselor in the Mission Presidency) Elder Phippen, Elder Bateman (he is also the Negril Branch President), Sister Pearson, Dad, Elder Creager and Elder Hunt.  These Young Elders are great missionaries and will make excellent trainers for the new Missionaries who came on Island Wednesday. Elder and Sister Pearson spent the night with us as they needed to bring in the Negril and Sav Elders for transfers and needed to wait and return to Negril and Sav with the newly assigned Elders.  The young Elders were all starving…as always…so we fed them while they were waiting for their next ride to the ZL’s apartment where they were sleeping that night.
 Foyer of Spanish Town building over flowing with luggage and bikes

I couldn't get all the luggage, bikes, and supplies in one shot so here is a picture of some of the things the elders have that need to be moved with each transfer.  It is a wonderful time when they get together and renew old friendships and make new ones.  You never see a frown or a look of concern when the elders are given new companions. They all bring a marvelous and willing spirit to go and do what the Lord wants them to do. Sometimes the new Elders look a little overwhelmed but when they meet their new companion it all comes together for them and they have the strength to move forward. The Lord really blesses his missionaries.

 After the Transfer meeting we found the Elders we were to transport and showed them which truck was ours and they started to gather all the suitcases and bikes and supplies together and began to load everything in the back of the truck. Elder Zeck from Alberta Canada is on the left with the bike.  He is brand new and full of fire for the missionary work.  He was telling us of all the training and splits he went on with the Elders at home before he got his mission call.  It is so wonderful to have the missionaries arrive with the skills and knowledge they need when they start their missions.  It helps them so much to be prepared when they receive their calls. The learning and adjusting comes so much faster and they are so much happier when they know what to expect. Even Pres. Brown came out to make sure all the trucks were loaded and his ‘Sons and daughters’ get off to the right start.
 Our assignment was to take these wonderful young men out to Portmore to their new assignment.  All were fed again and were in high spirits when we left them. 
Today we took Anthony Clarke, who is our Property Manager at the apartment to church with us.  He enjoyed the meetings and seemed excited about the church. When we went to Sunday School he leaned over said that he did not want them to ask him anything.  So I talked to the instructor and he agreed not to ask Anthony any questions.  As the lesson progressed Anthony was suddenly raising his hand asking questions and answering questions.  We took him to the Constant Spring Ward as that is the ward that he lives in. Anthony was introduced to the Ward Mission Leader, Bishop, and Pres. Brown was there too, (Jonathon his son was ordained a Deacon today).  Keep Anthony in your prayers.  He has met with the Missionaries twice now and we are hopping he will continue to listen to the lessons and gain his own testimony. The Missionaries have been teaching Anthony in our apartment and it is fun to be a part of the experience.

This past week our daughter Katie and her husband Robert celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary, and our son Victor and his wife Megan celebrated their 4thanniversary.  We wanted to wish them all a Happy Anniversary. We love you and are so happy for your day of celebration.

May the good Lord bless and keep you all
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock