August 31, 2014

Departing shots
Well our mission is all but over.  We definitely have mixed feelings…as hard as it was to leave our loved one at home it is hard to leave those we have come to love here.  It has been a wonderful experience and one that we will not ever forget. We took Elder and Sister Whitehead out to the Yallahs Branch so they could see where the chicken projects were. Below is Sister Sheika Bogle. She and her mother have a project and they are doing well. Sheika is planning on a mission soon so we are extra excited to hear from her in the future.
 Below Elder and Sister Whitehead are visiting Bro. Lofters at his home with his laying hen project. Bro. Lofters may have been telling Elder Whitehead his secret recipe for getting the hens to lay more eggs. He also has a few broiler hens he is raising. His recipe also works on fattening them up so he gets paid more for his broiler meat. He is a pretty shy man, but he really talked up a storm when we visited him. We told him we were going home and he said “No! Mi ti yuh fet tagedr. Ya no go ome!” He will also have a place in our hearts.  He is a kind and gentle man.
 Bro. White is pictured below just outside of the chapel at the Yallahs Branch. He is one of the newer members there. He has his ‘locks’ all tucked up and behind his head under his bandanna  He is a wonderful addition and will be a great help to the branch here. He has taken a special liking to dad and his eyes just lit up when dad asked to have his picture taken with him.
 We had one last meeting with Salvation Army’s Major Lyons and Captain Mitchell. We introduced the Whiteheads to them and Captain Mitchell remembered them from their previous mission to Jamaica in 2010-2012. They will be wonderful in taking over for us and completing the projects we have started. Salvation Army has been one of our best partners. They have very similar ideals when it comes to our respective welfare programs.  It has been an honor and a privilege to work with these men. The Whiteheads will finish working out the details of the Clothing and Wheelchair projects that have been started. We are ever so thankful for their listening to the Holy Spirits promptings so these and other programs can continue going forward.
 Humanitarian Projects with Whiteheads

Next we talked to them about the container and the Emergency supplies to be used in the event of a national emergency. The Church tries to be of assistance to all persons during national disasters. It is comforting to know that we can be of help to all those who are struggling when an emergency comes.
 Saying good bye to the Island

We are almost ready to come home.  We will be flying back to Utah on Tuesday and down to Monroe Thursday, blessing Victor and Megan’s baby Wesley on Sunday…life goes forward. There are still a few things to tidy up here at the apartment, and the packing to finish tomorrow.  We will miss this warm climate, the beautiful people, and the Caribbean Sea, but it is time for the next adventure in our lives...after seeing our children and the grandchildren of course!!
Love to all

Mom and Dad
Elder and Sister Murdock
P.S. Our hearts and prayers go out to our daughter in law Marci and her family at this time.  The accidental and tragic death of her younger brother has been a shock. We are so thankful for the gospel to carry us through hard times like these. He was dearly loved and will be missed by all those who knew him. Thank you Heavenly Father for the Sealing Blessings that bind their family together…