July 13, 2014

Hello from Jamaica
Road trip week
 On the way to Ocho Rio we saw a Man in a wheelchair doing a wheelie going at least 20 mph down the very steep Mt. Rosser road.  Unless you have ridden in a wheelchair you can’t appreciate how very difficult it is to steer a wheelchair going downhill, let alone doing a wheelie.
 First stop on our list was to take Elder and Sister Hardy and all their stuff to their new apartment in Ocho Rio where they have been assigned to do Member Leadership work with the Ocho Rios and Port Antonio Branches.  They are a great couple and will do great work.  He was and institute instructor and has a good grasp of the gospel.
 ext stop Montego Bay to meet with Brother Buchanan about their Food Initiative program (chickens and gardens).   They have been working hard to collect all the information needed and have some good ideas on how the cut the cost of building the chicken coops.  We will present their ideas to the Area Authorities and see what they think. 
 Next, on to Savanna la Mar to meet with Brother Samuels.  Savanna la Mar Food Initiative project is just about ready to submit for Area Authority Approval.
 Then, on to Negril for a short night’s stay and a little time to enjoy the Sea.
 And get some rest.
See ya next week.
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock