July 20, 2014

Dear Family and Friends
The week started with Family Home Evening with the Senior Missionaries, President Brown, and his family at the Mission Home.  The Halls showed some videos on how faith protects us.
 President Brown and the kids watching the film.

The rest of the week went Kind of slow.  Sister Murdock had a head cold and was under the weather so we stayed in the apartment most of the time while we did some computer work, house cleaning, reading, and generally tried to keep busy.  We also received some reports back about Branches who did Humanitarian Hygiene kit distribution and service projects. Here is the Yallahs Branch.
Yallahs Branch President Ranold Randy Beckford
The Yallahs Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has come together as a family and we went out in the community of Yallahs on Thursday June 19, 2014 at approximately 11:00 am we all went out in the communities and we visit the elderly and the needy and prior to the serve project we had come together and we did separate the hygiene kits so more people could receive kits and it was a success and the persons who receive these kits were very happy to receive them and they were very happy to see the church in action (Mormon Helping Hands) it was a really great experience and I think it had a great impact on the community and most of all it had a great impact on the members as they came together to accomplish one goal it was truly a success and we were all grateful to be a part of it and it also show these people that Heavenly father is still mindful of them no matter who they are where they are from.

Thank you for the opportunity to do this Service Project.

 Finally we had cabin fever so bad we could not stand being in the apartment anymore so jumped in the truck and went to Spanish Town to pick up some Hygiene Kits that we will take to the Santa Cruz Branch next week.   On the way we saw the man who carries 55 gallon drums on his head.  We have seen him several times but were never able to get his picture.  How many drums does he have anyway?
Anyway mom is feeling better now so we should be back on track this coming week. We are thankful that we have a Father in Heaven who watches over us.  Thank you for your love and prayers, they mean the world and more to us.  Take care and love each other.
Dad and Mom