June 2, 2013

Dear Family and Friends

We were our usual selves being busy on the computers, but that’s a ‘given’.  It always happens; you never get that work finished.  We had another closing ceremony this week.  It was at the Dunrobin Basic School.  We (meaning the Church) helped them expand and furnish their Enrichment Center.   We provided the flooring tiles, electrical wiring, lights, air conditioners and 2 new computers with many educational programs and games installed on them.  We had them all set up for the students so they could make use of them the first day after the ceremony was completed.

 These young men were our escorts while we were on the School grounds.  They met us at the front gate and took us around to where the Enrichment Center was located and stayed with us until the program began.  They were so excited to be our guides for the morning.  We asked them what they had to do to get chosen for this rare opportunity to get out of class; they said they had to do all their school studies properly and on time, be polite, be good examples to the younger students and they had to be nice to the girls!  All the Students here in Jamaica have devotionals before school begins.  They have a prayer, song and bible lessons.

 It is interesting to me all the different patterns of braiding that you see in the young girls’ hair.

It is seldom that we will see the same braid pattern.  Every day we see a new pattern on a little head.  These hair styles will take about 3-4 hours to do and will last about a month.  They start training them as infants to sit still.  It amazes me to see the creativity of it all.  There were about six girls in front of us and no two patterns were alike.
We are starting to say good bye to more people this month.  Our Area Welfare Manager Benny Lilly (Stationed in the D.R.) has returned home to Layton Utah this past Friday.  We now have Julio Acosta (a Dominican) for our fearless leader.  He is a wonderful man and we look forward to his leadership and guidance.  He speaks very good English so that is a definite plus in our book!
Dad has been going through the old gray computer desk here in our apartment.  It has things from at least 3 sets of missionaries!  Some wonderful Pictures, and some useless STUFF as well.  He got it all cleaned out and now our STUFF occupies the spaces there.  One day someone else will do the same thing and clear out all out junk and wonder what to do with it too.  Life marches forward…
I have been working on a baby blanket and burp cloth set.  It is finished now and we will take it over to the Salvation Army Captain Mitchell and his wife Sandra.  She will be having a baby boy the last part of this month I think.  It is their second child and first boy.  They are such a great couple to work with.  The Wheelchair Project we have been working on with them finally got approved!  We are excited to be able to work with them in bringing wheelchairs to the island and later the kits and clothing bundles as well (…we hope).  The Langleys, (District Young Women’s’ President) has a farewell dinner for the Larsens.  They will be going home Tuesday to Parowan.  We will miss them here. They are a marvelous couple who served so well in the Kingston and Boulevard Branches.  They will be missed by all.

Here you see the back of Sister Langley (sorry about that), Sister Larsen in the Black blouse, Sister Hendricks, Sister Pearson and Elder Larsen.  Plus is you look close to Sister Larsen’s head you will see part of dad Sorry about just the partial dad shot too). 
Also at the dinner, our new Mission President, Kevin Brown. He is wearing the white shirt.  He will be a wonderful addition for us here.  He was the CES Coordinator and has a wonderful knowledge of the scriptures.  He is a very spiritual man and he has a deep love for all the Jamaicans.  We look forward to serving under his direction. Sitting next to him is Elder MacPherson.  He has been a branch president and a district president.  Currently he is part of a branch presidency.  His wife is the District Relief Society President. She helped a lot with the dinner.  Such a great cook!

Dad is currently working on a new project…stirring the pot so to speak.  We will see how things turn out on this one.  Rex has a marvelous mind. He is able to envision something and all the steps it takes to make it work.  Such a logical mind.  To me it is a foreign language!! Hahahaha
We also had visits from our Area Authorities, Elders Gamiet and Cornish.  With the upcoming change in the Mission President, there is a need to do some reorganizing.  We will let you know more when we know more. 
We love and appreciate each and every one of you for your support of us here on our mission.  We are working hard to be good missionaries…Keep the Faith Brothers and Sisters; the work will go forward…
Mom and Dad
Elder and Sister Murdock