June 24, 2013

Well this week was a hard one.  We are saying goodbye to President and Sister Hendricks.   The Picture below is from the Member Farewell Party.  They filled the building. They came from so many areas of the Island; Portmore, Kingston, Boulevard, Constant Springs, Spanish Town 1 & 2, Lindstead, May Pen, Mandeville,  Junction, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.  Many came at great financial sacrifice.  But they wanted to be able to participate and to see their beloved President one more time.  Sister Hendricks was not able to attend due to a young missionary needing an emergency Appendectomy.  President and Sister Hendricks and the young Missionary Assistants were traveling when it happened and it was fortunate that they were traveling through Miami on their way back to Jamaica.  Our mission includes the Grand Cayman Island, The Turks and Caicos, Nassau and Guantanamo Bay.  Any travel off of Jamaica we have to go through Miami.  Anyway this young elder got worse as they were in Miami so he had the emergency surgery.  Pres. Hendricks had to return to complete his zone conference and needed the other assistant to help him in his presentation so Sister Hendricks had to stay with the other assistant as they cannot be left alone.  She is due home Monday.  Our airport employees are on strike so we hope she gets here on time for our last FHE with them.  The Hendricks will complete their mission service Friday night when our new mission president Kevin Brown takes the mantle upon his shoulders.  The members really did it up right with their “Jamaican Style” farewell.  Everyone was laughing and in tears too.
 Below is another example of the hair styles they do.  This little cutie is about two years old.  The style is China Bumps but instead of taking the hair into one bump they have divided each section into 4 pieces and then braided it together.  It would take about 2-3 hours to accomplish this task.  Women, can you imagine your little ones sitting for that long to get their hair done.  Once it is completed it will last for about 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast the hair grows.  She and her mom were sitting across the aisle and one row up from us and dad was fascinated with her little antics.  Missing our little ones I guess…
 Below is Sister Raia Peart.  She was the MC for the night.  She was speaking in Patois so fast that we had a difficult time understanding her.  She kept asking Pres. H did you understand what they said.  He would say he understood the song and the love from them…Then Sister Peart would say ’when yo don unastan wha me say just say “ya mon!”.  So for the rest of the night when she asked him if he understood he would shout “Ya Mon!!  She kept everyone laughing.  The color of her dress is the official Jamaican Plaid.  It is loved by all the people here.  A lot of the costumes we saw that night have some of this material in it.
 After the program we all shared dinner together.  Quite typical of LDS people everywhere; you get together and you eat!!  We had Curry Chicken, Baked Chicken, Bread Fruit, and Coleslaw with Ackie, Festival, Bread Pudding, fruit punch, and even a regular roll.
 Then the people started to say their goodbyes to Pres. H personally.  He is so patient with them and visited with as many as desired to have a few words with him.  He hardly got to eat his dinner.  But that didn’t matter he wanted the time with the members.  He will miss them very much

Our time has been on the computer working on a new program that we are trying to develop, Eliminating Poverty.  It is putting together all the resources available here on Island and what resources the church has to contribute as well. We are also getting ready for a new Wheel Chair Training with our new partners.  That is not until January but we have a ton of details to take care of before then.
We had one family birthday this week.  Lori and (her) Aaron’s middle daughter has just turned 5 on June 22nd.  She, like the rest of the grandkids, is loved by her Grandma and Grandpa Murdock very much.  We send hugs and kisses and the very best birthday wishes for a wonderful year.
Well Much to do and it is time to get doing it!  Take care and you older folks…SEND IN THOSE MISSION PAPERS!!!! YOU ARE NEEDED!!!!!
Love to all
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock