March 17, 2013

Dear family and friends:
I hope this letter makes sense. I am writing this as we travel down the road on our way to Junction.   We have about a 30 kilometer stretch without potholes for which we are extremely grateful.  We have been busy with the Wheelchair Initiative this week, traveling to all our wheelchair assessors and their organizations.  It means a lot of time on the road eating fast foods.  We usually try to find American type foods when we travel to make sure our stomachs will handle it well with traversing the bumpy roads.  Most places we go even for local foods are pretty good as well.
We had family home evening with Pres. and Sister Hendricks and it was ‘movie night,’ we watched the story of Ruth, Hollywood style.  It was pretty good.  There were some places where they wandered close to the bible story, but all in all not a bad show.  We each brought a snack and filled a 5 foot table with junk food.  It was awesome!!! I got to go to the Relief Society Birthday party in the Constant Springs Chapel. That was great too. Each branch did a skit about the Relief Society and it was pretty fun.  After that we gathered up our husbands and went out to dinner which ended the day quite well. 
We got to go Castle exploring one day this week too.  We went to the John Colbeck Castle.  It was built in the mid 1600’s.  All that is left is the outside walls and the dungeon.  It was really interesting that he had them install round windows.  The windows went all the way through each room of the house, from east to west, and north to south. That way the air circulated quite well.  On our way home we went to Lindsted and bought bananas and pineapples.  We were with the Larsen’s on this trip, so Sister Larsen suggested we have a new taste treat, sugar cane.  It is actually pretty good.  At least it was till I broke out a filling!  I ended up going to the dentist to get it repaired.  I was lucky and was able to get it fixed the next morning.  No one wants to go around with a hole big enough to put a straw through in the front of their mouth!  Needless to say I looked like Hillbilly Hannah!  I was able to get into see the dentist that the missionaries see.  Her name is Dr. Lee and she does really good work.

Well our meetings went well today.  We stopped at Hopeton for Sacrament Meeting and ran into the Wrights and Pres. and Sister Hendricks.  The Wrights were speaking there and so was Pres. Hendricks.  After Sacrament we traveled on to Junction to attend Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society, and meet up with District Pres. Piper.  We explained a little about the new Member Short Term Projects.   One of the projects we can do in this category is Self-Employment.  There is a big problem here with people not being able to find, or be qualified for, jobs.  He was so excited for this.  He had been praying for a long time for an answer to this problem.  He said he was pleading with the Lord just this very morning for help for himself, and other members in his District, and then we called him and asked to have a meeting with him.  He said it was a direct answer from the Lord.   He is so excited and grateful to Heavenly Father.  We will be working on finding organizations to work with here in Jamaica that will help facilitate the training and certifying of these people so they can be better employed or just employed, to help their families be more self-sufficient.  We had planned to attend another branch but when we got up this morning Rex felt like we needed to see Pres. Piper.
Junction Chapel.  The Assembly of God church is the building to the left and very close to our building.  The Assembly of God Church uses a microphone for their singing we it was very interesting to try and hear what was going on in our meetings!

We hope all is well at home and you are all progressing in your testimonies of the living gospel.  May the Lord Bless and Keep you all
Mom and Dad