Mothers Day 2013

We hope you are all having a happy Mother’s Day.
Happy Mother’s Day even though Mother ran away to Jamaica.
Here’s one reason why.  The Church donated a few computers to Salvation Army’s Havendale School.  The computers will be used by the children during the day, by teenagers and their parents in the afternoon, and by the Golden Age Group (elderly Salvation Army volunteers) in the evening.
When the project was finished we had a closing ceremony in the Salvation Army’s Chapel.  Our Mission President Hendricks and District President Medley went to the ceremony with us.

Before the meeting President Hendricks got caught playing with the kids,(touching a white person is kind of fun for the kids) while I was fixing a flat tire, (tied a shoe).

 The kids are telling each other to shush so the meeting can get started.  Each day they come to the chapel for morning devotional before they start class.  Just as we do in our homes with Scripture Study and Morning Family Prayer.  So many good people and organizations trying to help and find the truth through bible study.  The Lord is preparing his people to accept the gospel we just need to supply the teachers and the materials to help them find the truth.

 It was a great meeting I got to say the opening prayer.  Notice the words on the table cloth behind me, kind of interesting. Mostly we sang songs and danced.  Sister Murdock took some fun video but we don’t know how to attach it to the e-mails because the files are too big.  If anyone knows how we can do this please explain it to us.

 This song was called “Big Foot Little Foot”. We also sang a song that said “I Command My Hands (Head, Belly, Feet, Body) To Praise The Lord”. We sang “I Feel Fine” and one you know “If Your Happy and You Know It”…..  Mission President Hendricks joined right in.  He even sang “I have two little hands” to them.  They loved it.  (Dad even danced!  Well he swung to the left and the right anyway!) Well everyone knows white men can’t dance.

 After the ceremony we visited some of the classrooms. This one is for the Five year old children. Look at all the stories and stuff on the walls and hanging from the ceiling, just like my sister Vicky would make.  Most of the class rooms look similar to this one at this school.  Their materials are photocopied so there is enough for the students to use and to do their own work.  Captain Mitchell oversees this school and he is a very ‘hands on’ administrator.  The children love him. This is a good school, one of the best we have seen here in Jamaica.  It is clean, orderly, the children are taught by caring teachers, fed a good lunch, and a snack before going home in the afternoon.

 Here is a picture of the Computer Lab.  Salvation Army has plans to use the desk top computers to slave other dumb terminals until there a total of 30 work stations.  Captain Mitchell is very smart when it comes to computers.  He can install and maintain the system himself.  He will also train one of the older Kids in another school on this compound to do the repair and maintenance on them.  Captain Mitchell and his wife Captain Sandra and Salvation Army employees and they get assigned to different areas of the world like we send out missionaries.  They have a 3 year stay in each place.  Captain Sandra will give birth to their first child in July.  A little boy, going to be named after his father, Derrick.  He will be loved and cherished upon his arrival.  

This week has been a slower week. We did however get our air conditioners fixed yesterday.  That was a marvelous Mother’s Day Gift.  The weather is starting to warm up now.  It was 99 degrees yesterday by lunch time.  We are really thankful it has been repaired.  It took the workman about 3 hours to get everything done right.  He even cleaned out all three of them so they should be good to go for another year…we hope!
At church this morning instead of handing out the usual Mother’s Day Flowers, in the Boulevard Branch they gave all the Mothers small bags of rice, sugar, corn meal, and a large tin of peas (red beans).  If you think about it, it is the perfect gift to give them.  It will provide food for the family for several days.  What more could a poor mother want than to know there is food to eat for a while? Most of the members do ok but there are a lot who struggle to feed their families.  And there are a lot of single mothers trying to feed their little ones without any help from the fathers.
We want to wish our daughters, and daughters-in-law, as well as our women friends, a very Happy Mother’s Day.  You all are cherished in our hearts for you love you show to all those around you. 
May the Lord bless you all
Mom and Dad