May 26, 2013

Hello from Jamaica
We had another good week with two service project to finish two Humanitarian Projects.
The biggest one was at Salvation Army’s Havendale School; the Boulevard Branch came out in force and worked hard.

First we moved all the desks and chairs out of the School.  The Yellow shirts are Humanitarian Helping Hands T-Shirts.

 Then they swept and mopped the Floors.

 Then they cleaned and disinfected all the desks and chairs.

 While all this was going on they painted all the doors and window shutters.

 Even the Missionaries helped.  The Missionaries even got some paint on the School, with the rest they painted each other.

 The next day we went to Spanish Town where two other Senior Missionary couples helped us organize the Emergency Humanitarian Supplies.  The Supplies are stored in a metal container (box trailer from a diesel truck) Outside it was near 100 degrees with high humidly and in the container, it was like a giant oven.  We must have sweat off at least 3 pounds.  We had to take turns working in the back of the container because it was just too hot. When we were done we went to Pizza Hut for lunch and gained back at least 4 pounds.

Larsen’s (the couple on the left) are going home to Parowan in a couple of weeks.  They have been great friends and have helped whenever we yelled for help.  We are going to miss the Larsen’s a lot.  We will have three couples go home in about a 30 day period, including the Mission President and his wife. 
The Larsen’s have been working with the Kingston and the Boulevard Branches.  The Branch members grew to love the Larsen’s and gave them a going home party.  It even included a Mackerel dinner we got two whole fish (heads tails and bones) about the size of a sardine, a Festival and a Yam Cake.

We are loving our Mission.  The second Service Project was completed by Spanish Town District President Medley, (sitting next to mom) and his Elders Quorum President.  They went to the Dunrobin Basic School and assisted with some repairs and painting to their restrooms.  Including repairs and hinges to their doors.  We will have another closing ceremony for the other Dunrobin School, (the Primary School),  next week.  We helped expand their computer/reading  lab.  We are getting closer to having the Yallahs Project ready for submission and we just heard that our Wheelchair Project with the Salvation Army was approved do we will be moving forward with that one next week as well.
Hope you all have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.  Know that we love and miss you all…but we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now.  What a privilege to be able to serve the Lord in this ‘hastening of times”.   May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You.
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock