December 22, 2013

Christmas in Jamaica
All the Senior Missionaries joined in a Christmas Family Home Evening at the Mission Home.  Every one dressed up in Bible cloths and the Brown kids had lots of fun and Elder Evans told the Christmas story.
 At the Montego Bay during a Zone Conference President and Sister Brown put on a skit about Joseph and Mary not being able to find a place to stay.  Even though Joseph pleaded that his wife was going to have a baby.  One inn keeper had compassion and let them stay in the stable.
 At the Christmas Zone Conference President Brown would pick up a present and call out the Missionaries name to hand out presents.  Just like we did at home.
 When it comes to Christmas Missionaries are just little kids so they couldn’t wait until Christmas to open their presents.
 This is a Jamaican masquerade called Jonkonnu.  They dress up in costumes, the one on the right is Belly woman who dances making her belly move in time to the drums. The other two are pitchy patty or Paul Pry dressed in rags they shake the rags telling the crowd to make way. The scarier the costume the better. We were told they dance around driving/scaring away evil spirits so only good spirits will be left. Sister Medley, President Medley’s wife and one of the cooks for the Christmas dinner, said when she was a child she was afraid of them. They also stop traffic and ask for a small donation but it was worth it.
 Jamaica Christmas Choir practice Sister Murdock is on the front row just left of the pulpit.  The program was video recorded so we hope you got to see and listen. This is the first time Jamaica has ever put a program out on the internet. Pres. Ulett worked long and hard trying to get the right equipment and then learn how to make it work. We think they are going to record the program for us.
 Elder Cornish our Area Seventy came to speak to the Missionaries and at the Christmas Program.  He is a special witness for Christ. We talk about the gospel and about the growth of the Church in Jamaica. He was also here to see if Jamaica is ready for a Stake of Zion. The Mission is applying for a Stake in the Kingston Jamaica area. We are hoping this will happen before we go home.
We want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope that you will invite the Spirit of Christ in your homes all year round. Merry Christmas…
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock