September 29, 2013

Hello again from Jamaica
Same old story again this week lots of paper work.  Wrote up four great new Humanitarian projects and put together a budget for next year.  All are great projects that will help enhance the Church’s work here in Jamaica while assisting the too poor become more self-reliant.  We will tell you all about these projects when we start the real work on them.

Went to the Kingston Branch today, most people walk or ride bikes everywhere they go.  There are three cars in the parking lot two of them belong to Missionaries.  Everyone else walks.  This is the Martin family; the little girl is Sister Murdock’s best friend along with two or three other little girls.  They love to come sit by her when we come to their branch.

 Here are two of the girls sitting next to Sister Murdock.  Their Father came to get them but they were playing with Sister Murdock.   I just shrugged and said you’re too late. 

 We went to a welfare meeting that got out early but too late to go to class so we went into the chapel and watched the Primary practice for the next Sacrament meeting program.

 The picture is so some Kingston Branch Mothers.  Sister Taylor (the one on the right) is fired up about doing missionary work.  The elders are teaching one of her friends and the lady in the center is her neighbor who she talked into going to church with her.  The missionaries have talked to this lady before but she said she was just not interested in the church.  Sister Taylor never gave up and just up and asked her if she wanted to go to church with her and she came.

 Kids love to have their picture taken.  Yes Ellie Jamaican girls lose their teeth too.

Kingston is a small branch with between 45 and 60 members attending Sacrament meeting.  The Branch set a goal to baptize 24 people this year.  It seemed kind of high when we heard it.  Later that night the missionaries came to our apartment for dinner I asked them if it was possible for them to baptize 24 people this year.  Their simple answer eliminated any doubt.  They have baptisms 20 people so far and expected be way over the goal of 24.