September 15, 2013

Jamaica Kingston Mission This week started out by having a farewell FHE for the Pugmires.  They don’t actually go home until the 24 of this month but this was their last family home evening at the Mission Home.  The Pugmire are the couple in the front.  Behind Elder P you will see me, Sister Evans and Sister Pearson and Sister Brown.  Beginning at the left behind me is Elder and Sister Mortensen, Sister Wright, Elder Evans.  The back row from the left is Dad, Elder Mortensen, Elder Pearson and our Mission President Kevin Brown.
We have started taking turns giving the FHE lessons.   This time it was the Pearson’s turn. And they taught about Alma at the Waters of Mormon.  All the people were kernels of popcorn.  If you know Elder Pearson you would naturally assume that popcorn had to be in there somewhere…He loves the stuff even more than me and that is saying something! In the Back are Sister and Elder Evans, me and then the Browns, Jonathon in the blue, Pres. Brown with Leah, then Jared and Gabrielle.   
Also this week we had to meet with the Salvation Army to make a change in the Wheelchair Training Dates.  We had initially planned on doing this the second and third week of January, but with the wheelchair shipment being delayed due to paperwork we have had to push back the dates to the last week of January and the first week of February.  Below is the planning meeting at Captain Mitchells home.  This picture shows Major Lyons on the left with Dad in the center and Captain Mitchell on the right.
Me, I had the hard duty.  I got to tend the baby!! He is so cute!!
We experienced a little problem with our computer this week but we have a very talented Branch President from Spanish Town 1st branch who came and worked his magic for us.  He even helped us create a network where few can share folders from each of our computers without having to leave our own computers. That was a real big help as we were constantly looking for certain files that we had on the other computer.  Now we just put them in the shared folder and we both can see them at the same time.
We are almost finished with our Building Self-Reliant Trainings with the Branch Presidents.  We met with the last one in the District Presidency, Bro MacPherson this week.  We also had his wife Sister ‘Mac’ who is the District Relief Society President, come and answered her questions as well.  This will take all the auxiliaries working together to make it work out right.
We got to inspect the Kingston Branch and Office Elders missionary apartment this week.   This apartment was not too bad. We love our young missionaries.  They work so hard and are such good representatives of the Lord.

Mothers, while you are teaching your prospective missionaries all about the gospel please teach them how to clean their rooms, wash the dishes and do the laundry.  This would be in addition to how to shop for groceries and cook simple meals.  With the addition of the 18 year old missionaries some have NEVER HAD ANY EXPERIENCE IN THESE AREAS.  We all want to take good care of our children and part of that care is teaching them to take care of themselves when the need arises and missions are one of those needs! These are the best young men/women the church has to offer and they are marvelous, and we love the dickens out of each and every one of them.  But they still have to live on their own and with other Elders/Sisters.  Teach them to be neat and courteous.  Ok off my Soap Box
We have experienced some hard times this week but we will move forward as the work of the Lord will always roll on.  His programs will grow and increase and we will try to do our best to be of help whenever and wherever  we can.  May the Lord bless and keep you always is our prayer
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock