December 8, 2013

Dear Family and Friends
Sunday we attended church in Ocho Rio with the Elder and Sister Evans where  President Lester is the Branch President.  In June the Senior Missionaries and Local Priesthood Brethren help him put a roof back on his home after a fire burnt it off.  Many of you may remember the story.   He has gone through some hard times and few weeks ago he has had some more trouble.  While working in his yard he fell and broke his knee cap.  He will not stay off his feet because he recently opened a cook shack at ST Ann’s Hospital.  He is the cook and can’t afford to live without the income from the cook shack so he walks down the mountain every day and catches a bus to work in his cook shack.  I tried to explain that as long as he is moving his leg and the broken knee cap it cannot heal but, he must do what he must do.
Here is a picture of President Lester’s home before repairs
 This is how it looks now
 Even the inside if finished

One of our humanitarian projects was to partner with Singram Medical.  The Church purchased some medical equipment and vaccine in exchange, some of our financially struggling Prospective missionaries are able to get a reduced cost medical exam and free vaccinations needed for their missions.
We needed a Ministry of Health inspection of Singram Medical so we can purchase Vaccine for prospective Missionaries.   Several Missionaries have been waiting for weeks to get vaccinated so they can turn in their Mission papers.  Nothing we did seemed to help speed up the process which we were told would be done 4 weeks ago.  Sunday night we knelt in prayer told Father in Heaven we had done all we could and it was not working, we needed his help.  Monday morning Singram Medical called to tell us the Ministry of Health had completed the inspection and everything went good.   Sometimes we think we are in charge when really we are not. Monday afternoon we went to the Ministry of Health and purchased Vaccine.  Monday morning one young Sister went into Singram Medical to get the physical exam for her Mission when she heard we were going to pick up the vaccine she waited in the office until late that afternoon when we returned with the vaccine.  This kind of wait is not uncommon, often Jamaicans using public health will go to the hospital and stand in line all day then come back and stand in line for 3 or 4 more days until they are able to see a Doctor.  Each time they need to see a Doctor the process starts over. 
Sunday while Sister Murdock was practicing for the Christmas Program I got the opportunity to talk to George Blackwood.  He has been a member of the church for 11 years.  He injured his legs and has been in a wheelchair for the 11 years.  He was low low, as he pointed to the floor.  He said it was like he was in a desert with no food and no water and everywhere he looked was just more desert.  Then the Missionaries came and gave him living water.  Now his life has changed.  He knows anything is possible through the power of the Priesthood, if he is living worthy, but he adds you must first do all you can or your prayers are for nothing.
He has prayed for strength in his legs.  Now, just recently, after 11 years in a church supplied wheelchair he can walk in a walker for short distances.  He stood and walked in to another room to show me he could do it.  As he stood he struggled; his legs and his whole body shook with the effort but he was grinning for ear to ear.  When he sat back down he slapped his legs and said they are getting stronger.  He comes to Church every Sunday in his wheelchair 4 to 5 kilometers away from his home.  Sometimes a friend will ride along with him on a bicycle.  He is happy and plans on getting stronger.
The rest of the week was spent preparing bids which are called a proformas here for material needed for the upcoming wheelchair training and for emergency kits.  Then we had to go shopping for all the items.  Aside from the fact that I do not like shopping this was not an easy task.  We found only a couple of wholesalers who carried sufficient quantities to supply what we needed.  We are making progress in getting the needed supplies though.  I think we are learning patience…slowly but we are learning…
We did get a bit of WONDERFUL news On Thanksgiving day.  Our Son Victor and his wife Megan are expecting their first baby in June next year!!! This will be # 11 for us and we are so happy for them.  We love you and we love our Mission.  Every day is a treat for us.  The Lord is watching over us.
Mom and Dad