November 3, 2013

Dear Family and Friends

Each morning this week we picked up the Brown kids and took them to school.

 Below, picking up the kids, Gabriele is on the far left then Jonathan then Jared running to go home.  Little Leah goes to another school.  While driving to and from school they would sing us ‘heritage songs’. These are songs that the Jamaicans sing about the old days.  They were really good and lots of fun.  Wish I had a recording to send you.  These children must take all their supplies with them to school, including their own water. You can see most carry a Coleman Water jug.  There are no drinking fountains in the schools.

 One of the branch members (Spanish Town 1st) got the Pearson’s some Duck Bread.  Of course when they went to pick it up they had to pay for the bread.  It was so big they shared with all the senior Missionaries (4 couples). This loaf of bread weighed about 5-6 pounds and is the size of a Thanksgiving Turkey platter! Our share of what was left was about the size of a normal loaf of bread which the young Missionaries ate the next day. It was really good bread. There are ducks on the pond.  How many ducks do you see on the bread?  We had the four Kingston missionaries over for dinner and haircuts this week.  Mom cut hair for 3 of them.  The other one just had his done 2-3 weeks ago.  Most of them get their heads almost shaved due to the heat.

 On the way to church we drove by Old Harbor Bay fishing Village.  You can see the fishing boats that they use.  Most do not have motors they just row them out into the Sea and back each day.  Fishing is not usually for a specific kid of fish just anything they can catch.  Usually they fish with nets.  Some Snorkel for Conch or fish with homemade spear guns.   Others trap Lobster.

 Old Harbor Bay Market is not just for fish they sell all kinds of food, vegetables and clothing.

 Old Harbor Branch is a good friendly Branch that works together and has lots of fun.  The steps behind the woman in orange, lead up to the church. These members just found out that they qualify to get their own building!! They are so happy. 

 Old Harbor Church is up stairs above the Hardware store. It has a bigger room for the chapel and three smaller class rooms.  Both adult Sunday School lessons were taught in the same room which makes it kind of noisy.  We had a great Priesthood lesson where we had to take a test about the Priesthood.  Our answers got a little animated (all in good humor) and the Relief Society had to come in and tell us to keep it down.  Mom was trying to teach a lesson on Preparing to go to the Temple and the sisters had a hard time hearing her.

We had three birthdays this past week. Elizabeth Kate Miller, our granddaughter turned 7, and our oldest son and his wife, Richard and Naloni also celebrated birthdays.  Out of courtesy I shouldn’t tell you how old they are…but Richard is getting really old and Naloni is still as young and beautiful as the day they married.  We love each them so much…and all of our family. Without their love and support we would not be able to serve this mission.  They mean more than anything this world has to offer to us.  We are so thankful for the temple blessings that bind us all together.
We love you all; let us know what is going on at home.
P.S.  If you want to have fun, go on a Mission…There is work enough to do ere the sun goes down…
Mom and Dad
Elder and Sister Murdock