April 20, 2014

Another good week.  We have been out of internet for the first part of this week so this is slightly later than usual…
 We were able to meet with Spanish Town Hospital and it looks like the want to participate in the Church’s wheelchair program. That is good because we don’t have anyone in the Spanish Town area. We were able to meet with Ms. Chambers, we were scheduled to meet with Ms. Hamilton the hospitals CEO but she was having some car trouble the day of our appointment. Ms. Chambers was open with us about her concerns about the amount of time and expense to the hospital but we hope we were able to alleviate her concerns.
Delivering Hygiene kits to Yallahs, Salvation Army, and Ocho Rios.  This picture is of Captain Mitchell at Salvation Army.  They regularly give to the poor and the needy. The SA has been a great partner to work with.
 Captain Mitchell gave this little girl one of Vicky and Carma’s Mattress pads.  It does not look like she is going to give it up anytime soon. 
 Ocho Rios Branch President Lester got some of the Mattress Pads to take to a local infirmary.  In this picture you see him and his some Peter and Dad’s sister Vicky. The young man is the plaid shirt is also a member but I can’t remember his name.  I believe he is a new convert as of a few months ago.  He was helping to take the kits up the long flight of stairs up to the church.
 We took Captain Mitchell at Salvation Army some Hygiene Kits and pads to give out to the homeless and needy. In this picture is Dad, Carma, Captain Mitchell, Vicky, Mom holding Little Derrick Junior and Virgil
 Tracy (Ramounah ) and Rondall  Anderson cooked us a really good Jamaican dinner.  It included rice and peas, barbeque chicken, curry chicken, jack fruit, bread fruit, baked and fried, ackee and salt fish, 2 kinds of mango and fresh coleslaw. We laughed and told stories on how funny Americans are here in Jamaica. We all enjoyed the evening spent together.
 Then we attended church at the Yallahs Branch for Easter Sunday.  These are the members of the Priesthood.  The first time we went to Yallahs they had 2 Priesthood holders.  Now they have all these and some more who were sitting on the left but not in the picture. This little branch is growing!
It has been fun to have Dads sisters and brother in law here. We will have more adventures with them in the next email.

What a blessing it has been to be able to serve the Lord here in Jamaica.  We have been so humbled by all of the prayers and support that have come our way.  The Lord has truly watched over us and strengthened us so that we were able to do His work.  To our family and to our friends we say a sincere and heartfelt Thank-You.  You are an inspiration to us…Keep the Faith and Hold to the Rod…
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock