March 16, 2014

Picking up the pace this week we have been working on some old projects and several new projects.  President Jones asked us to visit an early childhood school in Negril to see if we could start a Humanitarian Project there.
 Branch President who is also Missionary Elder Jones is on the right with his companion Elder Creager who is on the left. As you can see it is a very humble school
 This is the inside of the school.  The owner’s husband built the school and made the students desks and chairs.  This is a new school just starting to get established. There are 27 children attending with room for 27 more.  They have two full time teachers and one part time teacher with 3 classes.  They are requesting a stove to prepare school lunch, enough paint to paint the inside and the outside of the school, and a copy machine to copy assignments for the students.  Many schools cannot afford text books so they copy learning material off the internet and print out each day’s work for the students. It is hard to see but there is about 6 inches between the benches and the desks. This school will teach 3-5 year old children.
 This young Lady wearing her school uniform is a student at the school.
 We have not been getting much exercise lately (since we left home) so we rented some bicycles and went for a ride.  We found a quiet little road west of Negril and had a great ride.  We even found a path to ride on. It was beautiful but one thing about Jamaica; most plants have long thorns or sharp needle like leaves, so beautiful but they can hurt you if you’re not careful. 
We also visited President Piper and President Jones in May Pen.  It looks like we will be going back next week to look at three new Humanitarian Projects. 

Know that you are loved ad that we pray for all of you…
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock