May 11, 2014

Well the weeks are literally flying by and this letter is late!!
We had transfers again this week and a trip to Sav and Discover Bay sandwiched in between. Our assignment at transfers was to bring in two elders from May Pen, from different houses, into the transfer meeting and then to bring 3 back out to May Pen. It is always an exciting time for the young missionaries when it is transfer time.  Most are brokenhearted at having to leave their old areas but then so excited to see everyone else being transferred and the brand new missionaries at the transfer meeting. Plus it is always a grand adventure to go to a new place and to get to know new people.
In Sav we are looking at a little school that is owned by Branch President and Sister Robinson. They are trying to help the poorer members of their community by providing a safe and educational environment to have the children in while their parent is at work.  They are also helping with literacy by teaching reading to children who are struggling with this issue so that they don’t get behind in their school work.
 We were able to go to Holiwell, Jamaica’s National Park so here are a few pictures from up there.

 We packed a lunch and had a cool afternoon with the temperatures in the low 70’s, it was so nice.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we were able to have the four Yallahs Elders here to make their phone calls.  It is always a grand time in the apartment when it is filled with young missionaries; to see their faces when they talk to their families.
 One of the elders is Elder Beckford. He is Jamaican and when he called home he got right on the computer and was doing Family History work!! Talk about dedication! Elder Beckford is the new Branch President of the Yallahs Branch as Elder Stuart just went home.  They are hoping to have a Yallahs branch member become the next branch president after Elder Beckford.  Things are all going on the Lords timetable.
Mom is going to Choir practice on Sunday nights. They will be singing in the Stake Choir. It is hard to realize that we will have our first Stake in just 4 weeks. She has assumed her position behind the pulpit sitting next to Sister Mortensen. That is their comfort zone. They say Put the Jamaicans up front and we will just be background noise. We are also excited to see some Senior Missionaries returning to visit us for this event. The Pugmires ,  Larsens, Smiths, and the Whiteheads will be here for 4-7 days. These Seniors are marvelous examples for each of us to emulate in their service to the Lord as Missionaries in the later years of our lives.

We did neglect to mention that last Sunday May 4th was Aaron Miller’s (Lori’s husband) Birthday. He is a wonderful example of a loving husband, father, and son in law.  We are thrilled to have him as part of our family.
If anyone is questioning whether or not to go on a mission…the answer is YES, GO, Go Now. The need is critical. Even for us, we are losing our office couple…again…next month. They have been filling in since our official office couple, who left in February. The church has immediate need for 100 Senior Office Couples all over the world. But if you want to come here we can hook you up!!( For any Senior Couple, not just office). Also for Humanitarian Service Couples…when we leave in September our area (the Caribbean) will be short 3 of the 4 possible positions.
 We have logged more time getting reports sent out and projects ready for submission. Know that we love you and pray for you daily.
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock
P.S. Steve Barrowman can you check on our mission account and let us know where we stand?
Larsens,Pugmires, Whiteheads: Can you look for “Caffe D’vita’s  Fruit Cream Smoothie” mix at your grocery stores.  It is made in California so we are hoping you can find some and bring about 3 cans when you come?!?!