May 25, 2014

Well we worked on more projects and reports this week.  The newest one is with a dialysis centre (yes it is spelled different here) project that we are working on. There is a critical need for life saving dialysis treatment in Jamaica.  In the Spanish Town area 150 people are on a waiting list for treatment.  The newest people on the list can expect to wait for 2 years before receiving treatment.  Many of these people will die before they can receive treatment.
The Dialysis Centre is new and has only three dialysis machines.
 Two Members Rohan and Craig started the centre.  Rohan had an uncle who died because he could not get dialysis treatment.  Every since then, Rohan has had a dream of operating his own dialysis centre so others can receive the treatments they need to live.  His dream has come true but he needs a little help.

Branch President Lue went with us to evaluate the project
 Here he is inspecting the equipment.
 The next two pictures are of the water purification system.  This system is one of the best on the Island and should have cost 50 million Jamaican dollars but they were careful and were able to purchase the equipment for only 1 million Jamaican.  The say they have been helped with many miracles while setting up the center.

We have been working hard on this project and we will let you know how it turns out.

We went to Hope Garden some of the other Senior Missionaries.  It’s very pretty place and we took some picture while we were there with our cell phone but as luck would have it we can’t make the computer see the pictures to down load them.  Maybe next time…
Friday was Jamaica’s Labor Day so we had a 3 day weekend…yup we got bored!  We worked on the computers until our eyes went buggy and then would go out and walk around the apartment lot until our eyes would focus again…this getting older is not for sissy’s. Thing are starting ti creak and we’re starting to moan getting up and down. Bending over can land you on your nose if you’re not careful.  It is a good thing the Lord loves us and keeps us upright and mobile most of the time. The rest of the time we are in a prone position sleeping!  Life is good and we love our time here.  We have been so privileged and blessed to have good health. We have no complaints and no wish to murmur, just poking fun at ourselves!  We have two eyes to see this beautiful people, two ears to hear them sing the songs of Zion, a nose to smell the wonderful flowers created by the hand of God, two hands to serve others with, and two feet to move us around this wonderful island. What a blessing it is to be a child of our Heavenly Father, living on the earth at this momentous time in history..
We love you all and miss you so much. We want to say congratulations to Abbie Miller (Lori’s middle daughter) for her graduation from Kindergarten, and Bronco Larsen, (Katie’s youngest son) for his graduation from his Preschool. Both are wonderful grandchildren and we love them so much!!!
Mom and Dad
E/S Murdock