February 10, 2014

Life is good in Jamaica.  During the last two weeks we sponsored and completed four different Wheelchair Assessor classes.  The Assessors are trained to evaluate a person’s need for a wheelchair, take the persons measurements, order the correct wheelchair, and adjust the wheelchair to correctly fit the person.  Wheelchair Specialists Elder and Sister Cullimore helped us get everything ready for the training.  Short term Specialists and Physical Therapists, Shane Rosenberg, an Steve Spencer  were the trainers.  Around 70 Jamaican’s were trained as Wheelchair Assessors.  The Assessors are from medical or humanitarian organizations with locations all over the island.  It is our hope that people with disabilities will have one of the Assessors close by where they live.
Here is a few pictures of the over 133 people who were assessed for wheelchairs.  Not all of the people qualified for chairs but most all of them did. 
That’s the generic sterile version of what happened.  But look at these great people each with an exciting and heart wrenching story.  Every one of them is a hero in my eyes.  We had been going from 5 am to 9 pm every day  and we were starting to feel tired and hot.  Then we were privileged to work with these great people.   They made us feel ashamed for feeling sorry for ourselves.  Not only did they teach us to deal with the things life throws at us but they were the ones who cheered us up and made us laugh.   I hope as you look at their pictures you can laugh too and go out and be better prepared to meet the little things life throw at you.

 Usain Bolt is a runner and a Jamaican hero, famous for all his Olympic Gold Medals in track.
 We did not have a fat lady sing but it is over and we will miss them.